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SIDNEY – Avistan un raro Tiburón conocido como “el fósil viviente” en Australia

SIDNEY – Avistan a rare shark known as “the living fossil” in Australia

A group of fishermen caught a specimen of a rare frilled shark, known as the “living fossil”In the waters of southeastern Australia, local media reported today.

This shark, whose species dates back some 80 million years, has the head and tail like a shark, though his body is more like an eel, and has 300 teeth divided into 25 rows.

The sample, about two meters long, was caught near the Entrance lakes in the Australian state of Victoria, and according to Simon Boag, of the Association of Fishing Network Southeast, is the first time in living memory that this animal it has been sighted.

“They really seem to have dating back 80 million years. It has a prehistoric appearance, seems to be from another time”, Boag told local ABC.

Scientists Organization for Scientific and Industrial Research of the Commonwealth of Australia (CSIRO) confirmed that this is a frilled shark, a species known by the scientific community, but rarely sighted for sinners.

Generally, this animal has been seen at depths of over 1,200 meters, although the copy was captured about 700 meters.

SOURCE: Diariocorreo.pe

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