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CHIMBOTE – 20 Lobos marinos fueron envenenados

CHIMBOTE – 20 sea lions were poisoned

Up to 20 dead fur seals were found in spas Samanco District, Province of Santa, Ancash Region, during an inspection by law enforcement officials and policy makers in the area.

Governor Samanco, Milia Chinchay Linder said that the remains of marine species were found on the banks of the spas Los Chimús Salinas and Besique.

He said that besides presenting blows on their backs, many of the mammals had snout full of foam, which seems to suggest that they were poisoned.

"According to witnesses, some fishermen called 'Ropers' who grow shells range, which would be poisoning the Wolves" counted.

Political authority requested the intervention of the authorities to find those responsible for the killing of these marine mammals.

He announced that visits to the beaches are coordinated with representatives of the Agency for Assessment and Environmental Control (OEFA).

SOURCE: Diariocorreo.pe

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