¡Let’s set, E/P Andes 31! Learn about the capture operation that results in abundant catches of anchoveta in the north-central fishing season

Like a shark in the water, the powerful fishing vessel Andes 31 of the Copeinca company exhibits its imposing infrastructure, but not in shipyards, where it was implemented with high-tech equipment and modern fishing gear, but in the sea of Grau, south of Isla Lobos, off Cherrepe. This is the area where, yesterday, May 17, in a single cove, the ship’s heavy hitter caught more than 400 tons of anchovetas (the most fished species in the world).

The owner of the scene, Captain Alberto Clavijo Ramos, rose in this marine crossing without respite and with the use of echo sounders, sonars y arresting equipment, located the shoal and located the cove. First, the crew released the trolling line, which releases the fishing net into the sea, while the panga, which is driven by a skilled fisherman who does his work at sea, as he carries the stern line of the net. This happens during the seine, at the same time, the boat forms the seine with the support of the echo sounder, sonar and satellite compass, which determine the direction of the shoal (fish).

Then, with the net in the water, the boat strategically approaches the panga and the panguero casts two lines that are received by the fishermen who are on deck and are in charge of securing it to join the net to the boat. With the net closed and underwater, the hauling operation begins by activating the winches to collect the lines of the net that lead to the bow and stern hauling cable, and after the net is deployed, it closes in the sea and forms a funnel. The hauling operation culminates when the rings are up against the edge of the boat, with the rings up and with the use of hydraulic equipment, the fishermen proceed to lift the net.

The crew, in order to be sure that their caught fish can be dried and concentrated on the headboard, reduce the area of the bag. Logically, the captain and the fishermen doing this operation, require maximum concentration and to be very focused on the net, because if not, the net may break and the catch may be lost.

Although it is true that the vessel Andes 31 is a little short of being among the top hunting vessels in the Grau sea, in this first fishing season in the center-north; however, it remains in the human and sensitive ranking, because after managing to extract more than 400 tons of anchoveta in a creek, it was able to give 100 tons to the vessel Tasa 52. A great example of marine comradeship.

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